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Kanchenjunga Circuit Trekking-27 days

The trek to the Kanchenjunga region is really splendid. Kanchenjunga stands as the world’s 3rd highest peak at the height of 8,586m. This mountain lies at the far north eastern corner of Nepal bordering Sikkim and is considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain massifs the world. This exciting and enchanting journey towards the Kanchenjunga is one of the gems of Pariwar Holidays as this journey is sure to be a memorable one and a treasure of a lifetime. 

This particular circuit trekking is receiving wider and wider fame among the nature lover and Kanchenjunga circuit trekking is getting popular these days among nature enthusiasts as it is a long adventure lover in the remote parts of Nepal. The name Kanchenjunga is a Tibetan word meaning five treasures of the great snow which is in reference to the five summits that make up Kanchenjunga. This trekking route is less crowded and will offer you a chance to look into the unique insight of Nepali rural lifestyle and culture. As this trek leads us to the remote parts of Nepal, you will get chance to experience the entire climate found in Nepal ranging from hot to cold. Pariwar Holidays invites you all to embark in this beautiful journey towards the world’s 3rd highest peak, the Kanchenjunga.

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1,300m /4,264 ft)
Welcome to the beautiful city of Nepal!! There won’t be a possibility for you to feel like an outsider when you arrive at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu as one of the representatives of Pariwar Holidays Pvt. Ltd will be there to receive you. After your airport check-up formalities, you will be led directly to your hotel. Please make sure that you have enough rest at the hotel and you can also try to explore around the beautiful city on your own. It is fun to meet people around the place as most of them speak English. In the evening, the team of Pariwar Holidays Pvt. Ltd will sponsor a dinner in one of the best restaurants in the area. You can enjoy delicious cuisines along with the team of Pariwar Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu and preparation for trekking
Today after breakfast we start a guided tour to several of the most historical and spiritual sites of Kathmandu. Most of these landmarks are categorized under World Heritage Sites. They include the historic Durbar Square of Basantapur, the sacred Hindu temple of Pashupati Nath, the famous 'Monkey Temple' (Swayambhunath) and Buddhists’ shrine (Bouddha Nath). Boudha Nath is the largest spherical Stupa of Nepal. At the evening, there will be a pre-trip discussion and trek leaders along with other team members will also be meeting to discuss about the upcoming adventure. Please do feel free to ask any questions regarding the trip that you are making.

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Biratnagar (81 m/266 ft)
On this day, we will get transferred to the domestic airport of Kathmandu to catch a connecting flight to Biratnagar. After landing at Biratnagar, you will be dropped to your designated hotel. You can either opt to stay in the hotel or stroll around the local bazaar of Biratnagar on this day.

Day 04: Fly from Biratnagar to Suketar (2,420 m/7,938 ft) or Drive from Phidim (1,179 m/ (3,868 ft) to Suketar.
If the flight is available from Biratnagar, we fly towards Suketar on this day. But due to any kinds of weather problems, the flight is not available; we will drive from Biratnagar towards Suketar via Phidim. Upon reaching Suketar, we stay overnight in a lodge.

Day 05: Trek from Suketar to Mitlung (921 m/3,021 ft) 4-5 hrs.
This day marks as the first day of trekking as we trek from Suketar towards Mitlung. The trail is somewhat downhill. While descending from Suketar, we pass through fertile valleys with beautiful pastures and small villages. Along the trail, is a beautiful river of Hangdewa which needs to be crossed and from there we follow northwards by the bank of Tamor River. By and by we reach the village of Mitlung for our overnight stay.

Day 06: Trek from Mitlung to Chirwa (1,270 m/4166 ft) 5-6 hrs.
The trail of this day ascends and descends in many places towards our way to Sinwa. From Sinwa we descend towards the village of Tawa. From Tawa, the trail ascends until we reach a suspension bridge at Thiwa. After crossing this suspension bridge and walking awhile in a beautiful rural and natural landscape, we reach the village of Chirwa. Chirwa is a Limbu village and has some lodges, tea shops etc. Our overnight stay will be in the the village of Chirwa.

Day 07: Trek from Chirwa to Sukathum (1,576 m/5,169 ft) 5-6 hrs
On this day, we trek from Chirwa to Sukathum. The trail of this day gets even more interesting as we pass through the landscapes ranging from cardamom field to dense forest. After crossing this forested area, we reach the lush green fields and from there, we continue trekking along the banks of Tamor River. The trail ascends and descends via the bank of Ghunsa River until we reach Sukathum. Sukathum marks as the place for our overnight stay on this day.

Day 08: Trek from Sukathum to Amjilosa (2,308 m /7,570 ft) 6-7 hrs
From Sukathum, to reach Amjilosa is challenging. We begin our trek by crossing the suspension bridge on the outskirts of Sukathum and enter a dense forest. After crossing this forest, we reach a gorge which flows from the Solima village. By and by we reach the beautiful village of Amjilosa and this village marks as the place for our overnight stay on this night.

Day 09: Trek from Amjilosa to Gyabla (2,730 m /8,954 ft) 6-7 hrs.
This day, we begin our trek from the river bank of Amjilosa. The trail further passes through the forest bamboo, fir and rhododendron to reach a small stone house by the river. From there, the trail starts to ascend and while ascending, few small wooden bridges need to be crossed. After crossing this river, we get a chance to see marvelous waterfalls. And after crossing these waterfalls and ascending a small hill, we reach the village of Gyabla. This village is mostly inhabited by the Tibetan people. Our overnight stay will be in the village of Gyabla for tonight.

Day 10: Trek from Gyabla to Ghunsa (3,595 m/11,792 ft) 5-6 hrs.
From Gyabla, to reach Ghunsa, the trail mostly consists of descending. We begin our trek by descending towards a river and trek towards the valley of Phale. Phale is a Tibetan refugee settlement and most of the people there are involved in making the handicrafts and homemade rugs. You can opt to purchase some goods from them and after being done with the shopping, we travel through conifer and pine forest to reach the beautiful Sherpa village of Ghunsa. Our overnight stay would be in the village of Ghunsa for tonight.

Day 11: Acclimatization day at Ghunsa.
After more than a week’s trekking, this rest day is like a blessing! But it is not recommended to stay idle during this rest day so we make a short trip towards Laspsan La monastery near Ghunsa. To get to this monastery, we need to travel via lush green forest. After visiting this monastery, we get back to Ghunsa and have enough time to rest there.

Day 12: Trek from Ghunsa to Kambachen (4,050 m/13,284 ft) 5-6 hrs.
This day, we begin our trek from Ghunsa. The trail of this day leads northwards along the bank of a river. Along the way, breathtaking mountain vistas can be seen. The trek further continues through meadows full with beautiful wildflowers, rhododendron and pine forests to reach the village of Rampuk Kharka. At Rampuk, we see a beautiful waterfall and a land with tricky landslides. We cross the area of landslide and ascend towards Kambachen. While ascending, beautiful view of Mt. Jannu can be seen. Our overnight stay will be in the village of Kambachen for tonight.

Day 13: Acclimatization Day at Kambachen
This day marks as yet another day for acclimatization at Kambachen. We are at a high altitude. There might be chances of altitude sickness in some of the people here. If anyone has these kinds of sickness, please contact the guides as they know some of the basics of the treatment. You can relax and take bath on this day. You can also explore the area around Nuphchu Khola Valley area. Our overnight stay will be at Kambachen itself for tonight.

Day 14: Trek from Kambachen to Lhonak (4,780 m/15,678 ft) 6-7 hrs
After having a refreshing day at Kambachen, we again begin our trek on this day. This day would be a challenging day as we need to start our trek very early in the morning. The trek leads through rocky fields and large boulders along the hillside and the riverbank to reach a bridge at Ramtang Monastery. After crossing this monastery, we reach an area where landslide are happening and steady descend from there leads to Lhonak. Lhonak marks as the place for our overnight stay for tonight.

Day 15: Trek from Lhonak to Pangpema/Kanchenjunga North Base Camp (5,388 m/17,673 ft) 6-7 hrs.
This is also one of the challenging days of the trek. We trek along the Kanchenjunga Glacier to reach Pangpema. Pangpema is the northern base camp of Kanchenjunga. The trek of this day is via rocky mountain so it is recommended to take proper precaution as some of the places are prone to landslide. After crossing this mountainous way, we reach Pangpema. From Pangpema if we ascend towards a small hilltop, splendid sceneries of Mt. Jannu, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Chang can be seen. After enjoying these sceneries for a while, we descend back to Pangpema for overnight stay.

Day 16: Trek from Pangpema back to Kambachen (4,050 m/13,284 ft) 6-7 hrs.
This day, we descend back to Kambachen. The trail descends towards the valley where Ramtang Monastery is situated. While descending, splendid vista of the mountain ranges like Kanchenjunga, Taple Shikhar, Gimmigela, and Mera Peak can be seen. It is recommended to take proper caution while descending as the trail may get slippery at times. By and by, we reach Kambachen which marks as the place for our overnight stay of this night.

Day 17: Trek from Kambachen to Ghunsa (3,595 m/11,792 ft) 3-4 hrs.
The trail of this day is similar to the 12th day of our trek. It is just reversal of that day. From Kambachen, we descend towards Ghunsa. The trail passes through beautiful forest with splendid mountain sceneries as the backdrop. After reaching Ghunsa, we stay overnight in a camp.

Day 18: Trek from Ghunsa to Sele Le (4,290 m/14,071 ft) 6-7 hrs.
The trek of this day makes a steep ascend from Ghunsa towards Sele Le. As the trek of this day is quite a long one, our lunch will be served at a place where plenty of water is available. After lunch, we ascend along the way to reach Sele Le. At Sele Le, we can behold a dense forest of rhododendron, juniper and moss. We can also opt to visit this forest awhile. Our overnight stay will be at a camp at Sele Le for tonight.

Day 19: Trek from Sele Le to Cheram (3,870 m/12,694 ft) 6-7 hrs.
On this day, we trek from Sele Le towards Cheram. Along the trail, splendid views of Jannu Himal, Makalu and other interesting and breathtaking snow-clad mountains can be seen. There are also many passes that needs to be crossed on this day. They include: Sinion La, Mirgin La and Sinelapche Bhanjyang. After crossing these passes, the trail further descend towards Cheram. Cheram marks as our camping site for this night.

Day 20: Trek from Cheram to Ramche (4,580 m/15,022 ft) and return back to Cheram, 4-5 hrs.
From Cheram, the trail towards Ramche ascends towards Yalung Glacier. After crossing this glacier, the trail further moves towards Simbuwa Khola and passes through Lamsang village to reach Ramche. This day, we also get to see the southern front of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with the interesting view of Junnu Himal. Our trail further takes us to Ramche which marks as the place for our overnight stay.

Day 21: Trek from Ramche to Tortong (2,995 m/9,824 ft) 5-6 hrs.
On this day, as we descend towards Tortong, we meet up with two trails. The initial is the one that we took while descending towards Sele La and the other one descends towards Simbuwa Khola. We trek through this second trail to reach towards Tortong. Along the way, fascinating view of the rhododendron forest can be seen. After crossing this forest we reach Tortong. The village of Tortong marks as our place for the overnight stay.

Day 22: Trek from Tortong to Yamphudin (2,080 m/6,822 ft) 6-7 hrs
The trek of this day descends from Tortong towards Yamphudin. While descending from Tortong, along the way we reach Lasiya Bhanjyang. This Bhanjyang is situated at the side of jungle and some of the areas there are affected by landslides. It is interesting to note that the trail from this Bhanjyang changes its route every monsoon but the trail gets stable route from the month of October. We descend past this Bhanjyang to reach the village of Yamphudin. This village is inhabited by the local tribes of Rais, Limbus and Sherpas. Yamphudin marks as the place for our overnight stay for this night.

Day 23: Trek from Yamphudin to Yangpang (1,007 m/3,304 ft) 6-7 hrs.
The trail of this day further descends from Yamphudin towards Yangpang. While descending from Yamphudin, we reach a river of Samekham and there is a bridge to cross this river. After crossing this river, the trail further takes us towards Kabeli Khola. While trekking through the bank of this river, we reach a place called Mamankhe. Mamankhe possesses a Limbu Museum and Cultural Center. After visiting this museum for a while, we continue our trek further towards Yankpang. Yangpang marks as the village for our overnight stay on this night.

Day 24: Trek from Yangpang to Thorpu (1,500 m/4,290 ft) 5-6 hrs.
On this day, we take yet another trail that leads us towards Thorpu instead of Taplejung. This trail provides different vista of landscape compared to Taplejung. It will also save our time. The beautiful sceneries of terraced fields greet us on the journey of this day. The people of Thorpu village are very famous for their hospitality. So our overnight stay will be at the village of Thorpu for this night. Our trek officially ends at Thorpu. So you can also opt to celebrate the completion of your journey with a chilled beer on this night.

Day 25: Drive from Thorpu to Birtamod (300 m/ 984 ft) 5-6 hrs.
This morning, we drive from Thorpu towards Birtamod. Birtamod is one of the lively towns located at eastern Nepal. As we are in the Terai region of Nepal, the climate will get warmer on this day. Different mountains and hilltop are also seen in the journey of this day. Our overnight stay will be in one of the best hotels in Birtamod for this night.

Day 26: Drive from Birtamod to Bhadrapur then Fly to Kathmandu.
The airport of Bhadrapur is at a very short driving distance from Birtamod. After getting to Bhadrapur, our representative will transfer you to airport for your flight towards Kathmandu. Upon reaching Kathmandu, our representative will pick you up and drop you to your designated hotel. You can relax in your hotel room for the whole day today. In the evening, the team of Pariwar Holidays will host a special dinner program to celebrate your successful completion of the trek.

Day 27: Final departure from Kathmandu
The fabulous journey that you accomplished with the team of Pariwar Holidays Pvt. Ltd. comes to an end today. Depending on the schedule of your flight, a representative of our team will drop you at the Tribhuvan International Airport for your final departure. The team of Pariwar Holidays Pvt. Ltd. will be more than happy to serve you in the coming days too.

Start date End date Availability No of pax Total price

What Is Included

  • All hotel/airport transfer
  • Hotel Norbulinka in Kathmandu with B&B
  • Airport pick up drop and sightseeing by private vehicles
  • Bhadrapur-Kathmandu-Bhadrapur flight
  • Transportation Bhadrapur-Ilam-Bhadrapur by normal bus
  • All accommodations in tents and all meals during the treks
  • Down jacket, 4 seasonal sleeping bag (down jacket and sleeping bag are to be returned after trip completion)
  • Welcome & farewell dinner
  • All porterages costs
  • All cost for a Pariwar Holidays leader(First Aid and Eco trained English Speaking) and sherpa, a sherpa assistance leader(s) and assistance Trek leader help each individuals while on trek
  • All necessary paper works and trekking permits
  • Travel & Rescue arrangements
  • Exclusive Medical Kit Bag
  • Portable Altitudes Chamber (PAC) for safety measures ( if on group less than 3 people we will provide on request and extra fee)
  • All government and local taxes if necessary
  • Kit Bag

What Is Not Included

  • Nepal Visa fee (bring accurate USD cash and two passport photographs)/ International airfare to & from home city
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Lunch & evening meals in Kathmandu
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses e.g. phone calls, laundry, bar bills & extra porters
  • Tips for guides and porters
  • Optional trips and sightseeing if extend

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